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Marty Sullivan has just started high school—which is difficult enough, but it’s even worse for her because she’s going to a new school with new people. A private school. A Catholic school. A private, Catholic, single-sex school. And to make matters more depressing, her best friend, Jimmy, attends public school in a different town.

Jimmy, to no one’s surprise, comes out of the closet and quickly finds himself a new group of friends: Derek, his boyfriend; Kirby, who has five boyfriends (on the Internet); and Oliver, whom Marty would be all over if not for the fact that he’s gay.

With her new friend Xiang, Marty finds that school is not as bad as she feared, especially when she learns that the school musical will be “Into the Woods”. And part of the cast will be boys! At rehearsal, she quickly falls for Felix, the tall, dark, handsome hunk all the girls are swooning over. And he likes her, too!

But things are not what they seem with Felix, and everyone can see that—except Marty. Her misperceptions cause a rift between her and her friends, especially Oliver.

Will she be able to repair the damage?


“The well-paced story with its typical adolescent behavior—sexting, swearing, sneaking out, underage drinking, making out—will ring true with teens, and its plot twists and turns will maintain high interest. The theatrical setting will appeal to stage-struck young adults, and the ultimately positive parent/kid relationships will resonate with readers. […] Alsenas’s title offers practical, kid-appropriate advice on the value of friendship and the importance of self-knowledge. VERDICT: A pleasing, humorous tale of relationship angst.” School Library Journal 

“A comedy of errors for readers still figuring out modern adolescence.” —Horn Book Magazine

“Alsenas blends friendship, romance, and musical theater with some sobering topics in this story, offering readers the opportunity to think through some weighty matters on their own.” —Booklist

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